jeffM.A.T.S. - Martial Arts Training & Supplies

Martial Arts Training & Supplies (M.A.T.S.) opened in 2010 due to the increasing demand of cross trainingin the Martial Arts Industry. It is also currently the only full time Zen Bu Kan Kempo Karate Dojo in Australia.

Come and learn or develop your skills as a Martial Artist with Zen Bu Kan Kempo Karate Hombu, Kickboxing, MAGNUS Martial Arts MMA, Aikido Ken Kyu Kai, Weapons and Women’s Self Defence.

All ages, all levels and all styles welcome.

The facility is also available for rent for seminars, classes or workshops.

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Why train with us?

Testing yourself in an art that people have been growing for years.

Ryan Cracknell


Because all my family and friends are there and i work my butt off to achieve there :)

Scotty Hell Yeah Lindsay


It's a place that caters for different styles with the best instructors with many years experience between them all. For me personally its the place where my "family" are.

Tracey Kraemer


Because i'm learning so many different aspects of martial arts by attending all the different classes, everything from making a personal kata that works, to the spiritual side of your own personal development, helping others benefit from your experince, to street fighting and self defence.

Benjamin 'Fellas' O'Brien


I love that you can walk in and feel welcome and un-pressured.You can learn what you want to learn in a variety of disciplines with the aid of highly experienced trainers in a supportive environment.

Dayne Huntington


It's not Martial Arts, it's life.